WATCH: Garth Brooks Invites Scotty McCreery to Join Grand Ole Opry

Scotty McCreery's Opry induction date hasn't been announced.

Scotty McCreery wasn't expecting a Christmas surprise from Garth Brooks this weekend, but that's just what he received on Sunday night when Brooks invited McCreery to become the newest member of The Grand Ole Opry during the Opry Country Christmas show.

"Merry Christmas," Brooks said, carrying a wrapped gift on stage. He handed the gift to McCreery and told him he couldn't open it until Christmas. "This is a Christmas present to the Grand Ole Opry," Brooks continued. "We would love to invite you to be the newest member of the Opry."

Brooks removed his cowboy hat, and McCreery shook his head in disbelief.

McCreery has been open about his desire to join the Opry and didn't hesitate before accepting.

"Holy cow. Yes, I would love to," he said. "I grew up listening to your records, Garth, and you're a part of what made me want to do this for a living. I didn't think that dream would become a reality, but it is because of all of y'all sitting in this house tonight. God bless y'all."

McCreery, fighting emotion, explained people had asked him about his goals since the beginning of his career. Becoming an Opry member was always at the top of his list.

Then, he bent down and touched the circle of wood in the Opry's center stage where Opry stars and performers stand to sing.

McCreery's Opry induction date will be announced in the coming weeks.

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