World Premiere: Aubrie Sellers' "Sit Here and Cry"

Singer-Songwriter Gives Country a Garage Rock Edge

Meet Aubrie Sellers, your new girl crush.

The singer-songwriter sings like an angel, but she carries herself with the edge of a total rock star and is arguably the coolest person you definitely need in your life.

With fuzzy guitars wailing over enormous drums, Sellers’s music is ushering in a new sound -- one she’s dubbed “garage country” -- and it’s 100 percent uniquely Aubrie.

In the brand new video for her debut single, “Sit Here and Cry,” she pines away for a lover who left her. At least that’s how it starts.

But tough beauties like Sellers don’t sit around and wait on a man for long. Between motorcycles and a rockin’ party with friends, nobody in Sellers’ circle has time to sit around and mope after a breakup.

Sellers’ music is deep and strikes both a nerve and a chord. She’s onto something real, raw and fresh and is just getting started. Next year, she’ll hit the road with Miranda Lambert on the Highway Vagabond Tour.

"Sit Here and Cry" is from Sellers' debut album, New City Blues.

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