George Strait Says, "Let It Go"

New Single Is a Solid Reminder to Just Be Happy

I don’t know about you, but I’m loving George Strait’s new single, “Let It Go.”

Although I’ll admit when I first saw the title, my mind automatically went to the massive song from the blockbuster movie, Frozen. Maybe yours did, too, but have no fear. Strait isn’t covering that one and getting animated on us.

His “Let It Go” is the laid-back, country reminder that in this world, life is tough sometimes, things are just “things,” and we all need to “just be happy with what (we) have.”

Quite simply, savor the good times. And the bad times? Well, we just need to forget about them.

“It says a lot,” Strait said in an interview provided by his record label. He laughed, adding, “I mean, all that stuff is just stuff -- and then you die. All that other stuff don’t mean a lot.”

It’s the ultimate truth: Material possessions really don’t mean a thing in the grand scheme, and you don’t have to have a lot to be happy with your life.

“You just can’t get too wrapped up in all your things because it’s all just dust, like the song says,” Strait said. “And you can’t get enough, you know, so just be happy with what you have.”

The tune, written by Strait, his son Bubba and hit writer Keith Gattis, is the first single from his upcoming album. It’s the first new bit of music we’ve heard from the icon since he returned to the studio after finishing his two-year Cowboy Rides Away tour.

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