Willie Jones Throws a Party With “Bachelorettes on Broadway”

Weekends in downtown Nashville inspired this video

Matching T-shirts and tables for 16. Shania Twain sing-alongs on pedal taverns. The unavoidable “WHOOOOOOO!” Yes, friends, Nashville is now the bachelorette party capital of America.

Willie Jones zeroed in on this phenomenon in his brand new video, “Bachelorettes on Broadway.” Check out the video and interview below.

What do you remember most about shooting this video?

Lots of things, actually: How all the squads of bachelorettes wanted to be part of our party… um…. music video. Plus how cool the honky-tonks were for allowing us to come in and turn up with 50 people. And to get all the Tennessee Titans cheerleaders to come in and learn our new line dance and represent so big. I just feel thankful everything went smooth when it could have been chaos.

How does the video bring your song to life?

A song can leave things up to your imagination but this video captures the true insanity of what happens every weekend on Broadway. This is all real, from the line dance class, party buses, tractors, honky-tonks, night clubs and of course the dozens of bachelorette parties who came through. They shared one of their most important moments of their lives with us. Everyone who watches the video will see why Nashville is the Bachelorette Capital. It's not just Music City, it's Party City!

What message do you hope your fans take away from the video?

Like the song says, "Why didn't you go to Vegas? - We Love Nashville, that S**T is overrated." It's safe, everyone can be casual and party their butts off -- no one is judging you. It's like, pull up and get your party on.

How did it feel to see the finished product for the first time?

There were so many edits and versions because we shot so much. But the final final, we captured it all. I remember just saying to myself, I love this damn city!

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