Tyler Hubbard Slips On His Roller Skates For “Baby Gets Her Lovin'” Music Video

Tyler Hubbard displays his impressive roller-skating skills in his groovy new music video – check it out!

Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard is a natural on skates. 

The singer-songwriter recently  released a retro music video for his upbeat track, “Baby Gets Her Lovin'.” Throughout the groovy anthem, Hubbard gushes over his dream girl and her most redeeming qualities. 

Hubbard penned the flirty track alongside critically acclaimed songwriters Jesse Frasure and Canaan Smith. “Baby Gets Her Lovin’” is one of six songs from Hubbard’s solo debut “Dancin’ In The Country,” which also includes his chart-topping hit “5 Foot 9,” “I’m The Only One,” “Everybody Needs A Bar,” and more. 

The fun-filled music video takes place at an old-fashion roller rink. With a disco ball spinning and neon lights flashing, the platinum-selling performer throws on a pair of skates and tackles the first verse. While keeping his balance, he belts the spit-fire lyrics before joining his full-set band in the center of the floor. 

“I got a shotgun queen like a small-town dream | Little honeysuckle sweet with a wild side | Alabama on her skirt with a piece in her purse | She can quote a Bible verse with the church-type,” Hubbard sings as he pulls at his electric guitar. “Aw, that girl, she’s stylin’ | Knows just what she likes | Sure got that whole thing dialed in | Like she ain’t even gotta try.” 

As he holds a rowdy concert, folks honky tonk around him in confidence – creating an electrifying dance party. Hubbard shared that his childhood was the inspiration behind the video. He revealed that he grew up roller-skating every weekend at the Sparkles Family Fun Center in Lawrenceville, GA. 

The pastime played such a vital role in Hubbard’s life, that he pulled out his old skates from high school to wear in the music video. The country crooner called in a handful of local dancers and professional skaters from Atlanta to partake in the action-packed clip filmed in Nashville. To turn his vision into a reality,  Hubbard teamed up with Lauren Williamson, the choreographer behind his “Dancin’ In The Country” video. 

“I wanted to shoot a video that was visually unique and different, and that really represented the feeling of the song, so we took it to the skating rink and mixed it up a bit,” shared Hubbard. “There is a groove to the music where I could see people skating and line dancing and just really moving with fluidity to the song. We had a big party at the skating rink and had a great time shooting the video. It was special to me too, because I grew up going to the skating rink as a kid – I actually skated all the way through high school. So, it was nostalgic for me to go back to a skating rink, shoot a music video, and bring back some of the elements of my childhood that I loved. It also gave me a chance to dust off my skates, which was something I hadn’t done in a while.”

Hubbard is currently performing “Baby Gets Her Lovin'” live on Keith Urban’s The Speed Of Now World Tour. Tickets are available for purchase, here

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