Blake Shelton: Thomas Rhett's Homework Buddy?

Blake Shelton may very well have been his Oklahoma high school's valedictorian. But you'd never know because he's done pretty well making himself seem like a regular guy.

So would I go to him for homework help? Probably not. But Thomas Rhett did.

Rhett's dad -- Rhett Akins -- is a very successful country singer-songwriter. So back when Rhett was doing an English paper in elementary school, he turned to Shelton.

"I don't fully remember all the details," Rhett recalled in a recent radio interview. "I just remember I came over to dad's one day, and he [Shelton] was there, and I was working on some kind of paper. I think I had to write a paper on a book that I read. I think the book was Old Yeller, actually. I think he helped me with a paragraph. I got a B on it."

That must have been around 2007, when Akins and Shelton were writing for Shelton's Startin' Fires album. Akins co-wrote "Country Strong" and "Home Sweet Home" for that album before later writing three of Shelton's biggest hits -- "All About Tonight," "Honey Bee" and "Boys 'Round Here."

Rhett's debut album It Goes Like This is due out Oct. 29.

And while we may never know what kind of student Shelton was in high school, we do know what he looked like, thanks to Jimmy Fallon. When Shelton was on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon this week, the TV host had a photo of Shelton as a teenager with a crazy long mullet and cowboy hat. As it turns out, Shelton's mother had provided it.

"She's fired," Shelton joked. "I'm firing my mom."

Then he told Fallon how glad he is to be on the road touring.

"Actually, going back and touring is a blast because I've been doing television now for a couple years," he said. "And when you're doing a live show, it takes over your life."

Shelton also joked that he's enjoying "having three months off and going out and getting back into why I started doing this -- which was to see boobies and do drugs."

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