CMT Premiere: Chris Lane Says His "Find Another Bar" Feels Like A Flashback To College Days

"Find Another Bar" is from Chris Lane's new EP "From Where I'm Sippin'," which is available now.

Art isn't imitating life in happily-married father-of-two Chris Lane's new video for "Find Another Bar." But his art mimics his history.

In the video, a man laments that his ex keeps showing up at his favorite bar with her new boyfriend, which pours salt in the gaping wound she left on his broken heart. While Lane's current life isn't reflected in this clip, he said he knows how the guy feels.

"Filming this video felt like a flashback to me," Lane said. "It took me straight back to my college bar and what some of those nights were like for me and my friends."

Lane wrote "Find Another Bar" with Justin Ebach and Josh Thompson. Derek Wells produced the track, Taylor Vermillion produced the video and Dustin Haney directed it.

Lane explains the video "captures that uncomfortable moment when you see your ex at your go-to spot, but she now has a new date on her arm."

"I love how this video follows the former couple, and you can really feel their emotions through the lyrics," he said.

He hopes when people watch this video – regardless of where they are in their lives – that they can relate.

"I hope that fans can see situations like this happen to all of us regardless of what size town or city we live in," he said.

Lane couldn't be happier with how the music video turned out.

"After the first watch, I knew that Dustin Haney nailed it, and the cast delivered," he said. "It was fun for me to take the perspective as narrator and help the story unfold."

"Find Another Bar" is from Lane's new EP "From Where I'm Sippin'," which is available now. The five-song collection is his first release from his latest collaboration between Rascal Flatts' Jay DeMarcus' record label Red Street Records and his own Voyager Records.

Lane co-wrote four of the five songs on the EP, a mix of Lane's pop-country success stories and a more traditional route.

"I didn't want to deter too much away from some of the style songs that have given me the most success," Lane said. "I've still got 'Mistake' and 'Betcha,' stuff like that. Overall, to have a fiddle in a song, which I've always wanted, is definitely a little different for me. No doubt about it."

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