Jimmie Allen Admits He's Not Always on Time, Should "Win Awards for Being Late"

"When I [do finally] show up, I give you everything I got," Allen says

Alongside being a country star, Jimmie Allen is an avid sportsman, owner of multiple businesses, plus -- as evidenced by his just-released Bettie James: Gold Edition album -- oftentimes recording either solo or duet versions of songs. Thus, the "Freedom Was A Highway" vocalist recently admitting to CMT's Cody Alan that he's chronically late might make sense. However, he's still apologetic for his issue.

"But, when I [do finally] show up, I give you everything I got. I feel like people would rather me be a little bit late and give you everything I got than be on time and give you nothing," Allen says. Related to his work ethic that may oftentimes leave him a bit tardy, he adds in a 2018 interview, "I have spent so many years wanting to rely on other people but didn’t want to rely on people only for them to not let you down necessarily but nobody wants anything for you more than you. It feels really good to be able to say to myself that I was smart for betting on myself and not quitting."

The indefatigable -- and thus sometimes tardy -- artist's workload continues to impress. His first children's book, My Voice Is A Trumpet, is currently available. As well, Aug. 7 will find Allen hosting the Bettie James Fest in his hometown of Milton, Delaware. He'll headline the affair and will be joined by the likes of announced talent, including DJ Jazzy Jeff, Neon Union, Hero the Band, Chuck Wicks, Chase Martin, and more.

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