Reba McEntire Was Always A Talented Vocalist, but For A Career She Had Other Dreams Too

Singing “came too easy” to the Country Icon

Could you imagine a time wherein Reba McEntire didn't sing "Fancy" or "Whoever In New England?" Well, according to the vocalist's most recent conversation with CMT's Cody Alan, that -- or being a steer-roping rodeo cowgirl -- almost happened.

"I always wanted to be a rodeo cowgirl, a basketball player," McEntire says. "But, the one thing I could do pretty was... sing. It came too easy, I guess? I had to work at rodeo. I had to work at basketball. So, it was more fun to practice basketball and rodeo than singing."

However, singing songs proved to be more enchanting to McEntire than shooting hoops. She continues, "I have always loved to sing. That's the only time I really got good attention. Daddy used to ask me, 'Reba, why do you always want to do something you are not really good at?' I am like, 'Hm. Let me think about that for a second?'" Finally, she offers that she feels like she made the right choice by saying, "I am very grateful for what I get to do. I wake up in the morning, just a happy camper!"

Currently, the legendary vocalist's latest single is "Somehow You Do," a ballad from the soundtrack of the film Four Good Days. As well, the 30th-anniversary edition of her 1990-released, triple-platinum selling album Rumor Has It is currently available. Not only does it feature her classic hits including "You Lie," "Rumor Has It," and "Fallin' Out of Love," but it also includes a dance remix of "Fancy."

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