Josh Turner: Youthful Maturity Shines on 'Deep South'

Hope, Joy and Peace Free with Purchase

Josh Turner wants you to love his new album, Deep South.

But he also wants you to live with the music for a while, and pull some hope, joy and peace from his new tunes.

In the 14 years since the world discovered Turner, when his debut song "Long Black Train" was released in 2003, he's done a lot of growing up. And he says that comes through on this new album.

"I want (fans) to hear the maturity and how I've grown as an artist and as a person through this record," Turner said in a recent radio interview.

"It's got a youthful, fresh kind of feel to it, and but it's got a maturity to it at the same time. So, I think it will appeal to a lot of different kinds of people."

When your favorite artist puts out a new project, Turner added, that in and of itself is exciting.

But with this album, once fans take time to get to know it, he thinks they will get even more out of it.

"I want (fans) to listen to the record and I want that excitement to continue after they've heard it and lived with it for a while," he said. "And I want it to give them a sense of hope and joy and peace after hearing it."

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