Thomas Rhett "Realizes His [Music's Weight]," Decides To Be "More Vulnerable"

"[Songs hit people] at the perfect moment to [help me] deal with something in my life," Rhett says

“I think you don’t realize the weight of music sometimes,” noted Thomas Rhett in a recent virtual press event to promote his new album Country Again: Side A. “Like, I’ve listened to certain songs, and I’m like, ‘Man, this hit me at the perfect moment to [help me] deal with something in my life,’" the superstar vocalist adds. Regarding this impacting evolution in his music, Rhetts says, "The more vulnerable I can be and the more personal I can be, hopefully, that can resonate with somebody else who might be going through something similar."

“I think that the more vulnerable we can be about our lives — hopefully somebody else who either hears a song or reads that book that is going through the same thing, can look at how we dealt with it, whether it was terribly or great, and be able to learn from it,” Rhett continues. “It’s become really fun to share deep stuff in my music.”

Most specifically, he highlights his single “To the Guys That Date My Girls” -- an ode to the struggles of eventually being a dad to teenage daughters -- to highlight how vulnerability has impacted his music. “Basically, this song is a letter to the guys who are gonna show up on my doorstep one day and be like, ‘Hey Mr. Akins, I’m here to take your daughter out on a date. I’ve thought about all the ways I would approach that situation. Am I gonna be the super stern dad? Am I gonna be the dad that invites him in for a coffee? You know, what kind of conversation is that gonna be?”

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