Cole Swindell's Message to His Mom

"You Being Proud of Me Makes Every Hard Day Worth It"

Cole Swindell will be playing in Chicago on Saturday night (May 7), then in New York on Sunday, so it looks like he probably won’t be able to go home for Mother’s Day.

But his just-released album, You Should Be Here, is probably the best gift he could ever give his mom. It’s not a song that he wrote for her, but it’s a note just for her within his album’s liner notes.

"MAMA -- I wanted to put you at the end of my thank yous so you would stand out like you deserve," Swindell wrote. "This record is for you! Thanks for being the one person who has been there for me all 32 years of my life. You have raised me into the man I am today, and I'll always thank the Lord for that. You being proud of me makes every hard day worth it.

"I'm so ready for you to come out on the road with us and enjoy some shows! Thanks for letting me chase this crazy dream. So proud to be YOUR son," he continues. "I love you. This album is dedicated to Bombom and Dad."

In 2013, Swindell's father William died suddenly.

"Lost the greatest man I've ever known today … the kind of Dad that made this world a better place," he posted on Instagram at the time. "He always did everything he could to make mine better … doesn't seem real. Hard to understand. ... Please keep my family in your prayers."

The title track of this new album, which Swindell wrote with Ashley Gorley, is all about losing his father right when his career was starting to take off.

Swindell’s mom isn’t the only one he thanks in his liner notes, though. He has a long list of people on his team and on his side. And he makes sure they know he appreciates them all. Especially the ones who own the bars where he played before he made it big.

“Thanks for giving me a place to do what I love long before I made it to Nashville and still feel at home. I hope my Down Home Tour continues to stop through your bars through the years,” Swindell promised, even though his fan base has gotten a little too big for most of those venues.

“It's where I started out playing and still feel at home.”

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