Dierks Bentley Says Luke Bryan Is the "Funniest Person in Country Music"

"America needs more Luke Bryan in their life," Bentley says

To fans, Luke Bryan is known for his string of country hit songs, energetic concert performances and his hilarious, unfiltered social media videos with his family. According to fellow country star Dierks Bentley, Bryan's entertaining ways extend far beyond the stage.

“I think that the most fun person to have a beer with is Luke Bryan,” Bentley recently told CMT's Cody Alan. “I laugh every time I say Luke’s name. He is the funniest person in country music. He is so good on TV because he needs to be on TV. America needs more Luke Bryan in their life...We did a 100-mile ride together on the Natchez. Luke Bryan is a really good cyclist!”

Bentley also shared a story about their Natchez trip.

“We were having dinner before the ride, and he is down at the far end of the table. It’s a loud restaurant, but his stories are so loud. I mean, the whole table and the whole place are just focused on Luke because he has the funniest stories, they are always inappropriate, and because of who he is with that 'country boy' kind of thing that he has. He can get away with saying anything--that would get me arrested. He is the most fun person I have ever met in my life to have a beer with,” Bentley says.

Bryan and Bentley will both return to the road this year, with Bentley's Beers on Me Tour launching in August, while Bryan will launch his Proud To Be Right Here Tour this summer.

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