Keith Urban's Guitar-for-Fishing Deal

St. Jude's Jam Turns Into a Real Connection

Keith Urban may be in Los Angeles. But it feels like he's in Memphis, Tennessee, right there at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, in this new video that connects him to seven of the patients there.

And those connections, Urban says, are the ones that make it so no one ever feels alone.

"I've been playing music my whole life. All I've ever known is traveling, touring," he says, "but still feeling this want to connect to home."

The video is part of Urban's Cisco Connected Caring partnership with St. Jude and Cisco, using the Cisco TelePresence technology to connect to the patients in Memphis no matter where his music takes him.

In this particular get together, Urban has some freedom to ask the kids random questions ("What did you have for breakfast?"), let them listen in and play along with him while he plays guitar ("We're gonna get a little St. Jude jam going"), and even better, make a bit of a trade agreement with one of the kids, a little boy named Mason.

Mason tells Urban he has a guitar and that he knows one of Urban's songs. Then he asks Urban if he knows how to fish.

"I've only fished a few times," Urban admits. "Maybe you could teach me a little bit about fishing, and I'll try and teach you a few things about guitar playing. That sound good?"

Yes, that sounds very good.

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