'Music City': The Big Moments From Season 1 Episode 5

Text From An Ex

Episode five of Music City saw fresh starts for Rachyl, Alisa and Jessica, as they left relationship dramas in the past.

Check out the episode's biggest moments:

Plan B

Music City 105

Alexandra thinks Jackson should move on from Jessica, and pursue Savana.

Talk It Out

Music City 105

Rachyl confronts Jackson about his behavior at the pageant party and tells him to talk to Jessica.

Honest Reaction

Music City 105

Jessica finds out about Rachyl's confrontation with Jackson.

Fear of the Unknown

Music City 105

Rachyl gets emotional wondering about Kerry's reaction to her ex texting her.

Words and Music

Music City 105

Alisa has a co-writing session with Bryant.

Deep Breaths

Music City 105

Jessica prepares to talk to Jackson about where their relationship is going.

Clearing the Air

Music City 105

Rachyl shows up to Kerry's job to tell him about the texts she's received from her ex.

Moving On

Music City 105

Rachyl deletes her ex's phone number from her cell.

Date Night

Music City 105

Things heat up between Jackson and Savana during their date.

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