'Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders' Season 10: What They're Really Thinking

As Told By GIFs

Ever wonder what's going through the hopefuls' minds while trying out for the team? Wonder no more.

Before the season premiere of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders tonight, Aug. 6, at 11/10c, we've carefully examined the trailer. And through scientific facial recognition (just kidding), we can almost pinpoint their thoughts through the journey.

1. Initial Tryouts.

What they're really thinking: If all else fails, I'm taking these dance moves straight to the club tonight!

2. Dream Squashing.

What they're really thinking: Just smile when you cry, and it won't look like you're crying.

3. Practicing High Kicks.

What she's really thinking: I'm trying! Wait, what does "fan your legs" mean???

4. Group Dancing.

What she's really thinking: Hey, at least I get to have pizza tonight? Watch a movie?

5. The Jump Split.

What they're really thinking: Ya, that's going to leave a mark...

6. Receiving Feedback.

What the hopefuls are really thinking: Now, I'm scared.

7. The Uniform.

What she's really thinking: I bet if I make a joke, these shorts won't look as short.

8. The Famous Hair Flip.

What they're really thinking: My hair better not stick to my frickin' lip gloss!

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