Taylor Swift's 15 Seconds of 'Saturday Night Live' Fame

Taylor Swift was only on the Saturday Night Live stage for about 15 seconds this weekend (April 12). But because she's her, that was all she needed to make a big emotional, self-deprecating impression.

Here's how it all went down:

Seth Rogen, the show's host, was doing his monologue. It was about how he'd been journaling his thoughts leading up to the live show and how he was getting a little anxious but that he absolutely would not need any help or any cameos from other stars.

Enter stars Zooey Deschanel and James Franco, who Rogen told, "I got this. I got this. I'm fine. I don't want any help, guys. I told you that."

Then you hear a voice from off camera scolding Deschanel and Franco, "He said he doesn't want any help."

Enter Swift.

When Rogen questions her appearance, she just says in her very best sing-songy fairy godmother voice, "You're getting really upset. And whenever a man shows emotion, I appear."

After the show, Swift  tweeted, "PROUD FRIEND ALERT" with a picture of her pal Ed Sheeran, who had performed "Sing" and "Don't" (which he has said is absolutely not about Swift) from his upcoming album X on the show.

Swift had been spotted all over New York City for the past week, shopping at Theory and getting coffee at Le Pain Quotidien in the Meatpacking District. But it's not clear if she was there to make that SNL cameo or if the SNL cameo came about because she was there.

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