Brad Paisley and His Wife See Each Other's True Colors

Watch Him Waitin' on a Woman's Hair Color Developer

Kimberly Williams Paisley is a Cafe Creme Blonde. And her husband Brad? He is her whole world. At least when it comes to her hair care.

(I mean, if you can find yourself a partner who will color your hair during a quarantine, marry that person.)

She shared a really, really real-life look at what it means to be staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic, when hair salons hardly qualify as essential businesses: she had to ask her husband to help her color her hair with an Aequo Color Cream Kit.

In a video that is equal parts science and art, Paisley amiably covers his wife's few gray hairs with her preferred shade of Cafe Creme Blonde.

"Thank you for doing this," she tells him. "Shut up," he replies. That's true love, quarantine style.

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