Luke Bryan: Immersed in Scandal, Drama and Fantasy

Who Will He Play on 'Nashville'?

As if there weren't enough reasons to tune in to Wednesday night's (Oct. 1) episode of Nashville, now we have a little Luke Bryan to look forward to.

The country star is making a cameo appearance on the show and will be in a scene with Rayna.

From what I've heard and read, it sounds like Bryan is going to play himself. And that's cool. But what if he was going to be a recurring character on the show. Then who could he be?

Luke Wheeler's little brother who's trying to follow in his big brother's celebrity footsteps? I could see that because they do look a lot alike.

Or maybe he'd be an old AA acquaintance of Deacon's looking for a drinking buddy now that he's back in the game.

Or maybe Bryan could play an ex of Scarlett's who has come to Nashville to comfort her after the nervous breakdown heard 'round the world.

Or maybe he's just the new guy in town, there to sweep Layla off her feet after the divorce dust settles and she's ready to love again.

Then again, maybe Bryan could take on the role of something outside the music business. Like he could run for mayor against Teddy. How great would that plot be?

There are so many ways a show like this could use a guy like him. But no matter who Bryan is this week, it sounds like he's happy with the way the show consistently shows off the best that the real Nashville has to offer.

"I think Nashville is one of the most interesting cities. It's just got such an amazing feel and vibe to it. And the show has showcased the city," he told ABC News Radio.

However, he knows the drama on the show is the one thing that's not really real.

"There's some stuff that's obviously stretched for TV, but all of the producers of the show and the people that we know, they work to keep the show, for the most part, like the reality of Nashville and the music business," he said. "It's fun to see them doing that."

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