Take This Swarovski Crystal-Studded Four-String Dulcimer Off Dolly Parton's Hands

“I Never Leave a Rhinestone Unturned," She Says of the Ancient Instrument Up for Auction

The value of this particular golden dulcimer is somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000.

But in a way, it's priceless. Because this is from Dolly Parton's own collection that she's had for 30 years.

The Swarovski crystal-studded four-string dulcimer is up for auction at Christie’s to benefit the Academy of Country Music's Lifting Lives COVID-19 Response Fund. The money raised through the online auction will support the frontline workers of the country music industry who haven't been able to work since touring was put on hold: the tour bus drivers, tour techs, crews, venue workers, and aspiring musicians.

It's the first time Parton has ever had one of her musical instruments in a global public auction. “Seeing my country music community suffer due to the pandemic has broken my heart. It was important to donate the dulcimer that was designed for my 50th Opry Anniversary so we can raise awareness and much needed funds to keep these folks on their feet before we can open the doors to our stages once again," Parton said in a press release.

According to the auction, the Appalachian dulcimer is a cornerstone to the sound of country music. The last time she played the stunning instrument, at the Opry in 2019, Parton said, “I never leave a rhinestone unturned.”

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