CMT Premiere: HunterGirl Shares Emotional, Vulnerable Video For "Ain't About You"

HunterGirl wrote "Ain't About You" solo. She is the first female country artist in more than three decades to write her debut radio single alone.

America fell in love with HunterGirl when she was on "American Idol" in 2022. The Winchester, Tennessee, native tried out with a cover of Rascal Flatts' "Riot" that prompted Luke Bryan to declare her his favorite country voice he's heard on the show in five years.

Bryan said she's a "new age Miranda Lambert," but with her new song "Ain't About You," the only person HunterGirl is trying to be is herself. She is the first female country artist in more than three decades to write her debut radio single alone.

"Having a song on country radio has been my dream since I was a little girl," HunterGirl said. "'Ain't About You' was supposed to be my 'I'm leaving Nashville song,' and it ended up being my 'staying in Nashville song.' I hope that anyone who is thinking about giving up on their dreams hears this song and decides to give it a second chance."

The video, directed by Ford Fairchild and produced by Rebecca Adler, follows the storyline in the song that encourages the person to keep going even when it gets tough because what if their success isn't about pleasing them – but it's meant to inspire someone else?

Lyrics include: If you give up, if you give in| You should know that you're not the only one who's losing| What if there's a little girl who needs a song| Telling her she's beautiful when the world tells her she's wrong?| So before you say you're not good enough| That all your dreams are wishing dust| You call it quits, walk away and say you're through|What if it ain't about you?

When HunterGirl was conceptualizing the video, she knew she wanted it to focus on other people and not herself.

"I wanted to include a little girl chasing after her dream, a girl that was comparing herself to other people on social media, and a little boy who was worried about his mom," she said. "It was really important to me to include my work with veterans as well, so the Air Force veteran in the music video is a tie back to my grandfather, who was in the Air Force and passed away a few years ago.

HunterGirl said the memory that sticks with her from filming the video was looking in the mirror singing and realizing she was filming a video for the song that was going to be on country radio and CMT and realizing her childhood dreams were coming true.

"This was supposed to be my 'giving up song' when I initially wrote it," she said. "I started thinking about when I was a kid wanting to be a part of country music and how 'little Hunter' wouldn't have believed that I am finally living my dream."

Watching the music video for the first time made her emotional. She did a planned viewing of the music video at a historic movie theater, The Oldham, in her hometown to raise money for a local charity called the Isaiah 117 House.

"We ended up raising over $6k!" she said. "Getting to share that moment with my family and my hometown, who have supported me on my music journey since I was a kid, is something that I'll never forget."

She hopes that if someone watching the video is considering giving up something, to give it a second chance because "there are a ton of people who need you here."

"I think we forget sometimes how our story aligns with so many other people's stories because we are worried about things going on in our own lives," she said. "There are so many people who have touched my life, and if they would've given up on their dream, I don't think I would be the same person I am today."

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