Trisha Yearwood Talks Next Album, Finding Confidence As a Songwriter

Trisha Yearwood: "Something has happened in the last year, and it's like, 'I'm not gonna be afraid to give it a shot.'"

Trisha Yearwood admits that she hasn't been a confident songwriter for most of her career. However, she said that that's changing thanks to her husband, Garth Brooks, and songwriting great Leslie Satcher.

She can trace the insecurity back to her college days when someone looked at several things she had written and told her that she was a good singer but not a competitive songwriter.

"Your 19-year-old self locks it in there so anytime someone would ask me about writing and something has happened in the last year, and it's like, 'I'm not gonna be afraid to give it a shot,'" Yearwood said.

Brooks coaxed Yearwood into writing a few songs out of her comfort zone, and Satcher kept hounding her.

"She's like, 'Girl, every time we get together, I think you've got something to say,'" Yearwood said. "So, I finally said, 'Okay, I'll do this with you, but I'm really nervous.'"

When Yearwood left the songwriting appointment, she said she felt elated and amazing.

"We wrote a song about my mom," Yearwood said. "I just started booking appointments, and I'm just writing, and whatever comes of it – great. It's bringing me joy, and I'm getting ready to go in the studio."

Yearwood said she's getting ready to make another album and that she's been listening to songs. She calls it a "whole new experience" and explained that she's realized that it doesn't make it accurate just because someone dismissed her writing ability as a teenager.

"I've let it be true, but not anymore," she said. "It's still hard for me, but I'm doing it. I'm always nervous when I go, but I get a little less nervous every time. It's just been really good. I'm so excited about it."

Yearwood isn't sure that the songs she's writing will end up on her next album. She said it might be "its own thing." She said she's struggled to find songs she loves in this album cycle but spoke to her producer Garth Fundis last week and thinks they'll be ready to start working in a couple of weeks.

"I don't know where the originals fall," Yearwood said. "I don't know if I want to cut one or two on this record, or if it's gonna be a songwriter thing or if it's gonna be its own thing. I don't know yet, but we'll see once we get in there."

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