Luke Bryan Releases First Song From His New Writing Room

Why He Never Writes Alone

"I've only cut one song that I was 100 percent writer on, and through the years, I've tried to force myself to write by myself. But it's so boring. It's so tough. You've got to be crazy focused to do that."

That's what Luke Bryan said Wednesday (Aug. 23) when he was on iHeart's Bobby Bones Show to talk about his new song, "Light It Up."

It's one Bryan co-wrote with Old Dominion's Brad Tursi. Not only was it the first time the two wrote together, it was also the first song to come from the writing room in Bryan's new house just outside of Nashville.

"We built the house, and I built my music room with my piano and guitars," he said. "And this was the first writing appointment in my writing room. Brad had the 'I get so neurotic about it' line. And when we recorded it, people asked me, 'Think that word needs to stay?'"

It did stay, because Bryan likes how the word so aptly describes how people think about their phones.

"Light It Up" will be on Bryan's upcoming album. He didn't announce the official release date, but he did say it will be out after Thanksgiving but before Christmas.

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