Miranda Lambert Frees Herself in "Bluebird" Video

Enjoy the Current Single from 'Wildcard'

You can't cage Miranda Lambert, and that much is clear in her glamorous new video for "Bluebird." While she's surely capturing the attention of a sophisticated crowd for most of the video, she's her own woman at the end.

“I love ‘Bluebird.’ It’s a song like I’ve never written before and I’m so proud to be a part of it,” she said in a statement. “Since I wrote it, I’ve been seeing bluebirds everywhere. The bluebirds had always been there -- I live on a farm -- but I never saw them like I see them now. It reminds me to open my eyes to what’s around me. Now, seeing a bluebird sitting on a branch means so much more to me. I see a little piece of hope there, sitting with wings, and it’s a reminder. I think this is one of those songs where every person takes what they need to from it.”

"Bluebird" is the current single from her newest album, Wildcard. She co-wrote the song with Luke Dick and Natalie Hemby.

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