Cam Says Let Music Do Its Job

A Good Tune Can Be Downright Therapeutic

Cam isn't just another pretty voice in country music.

She has an impressive background in psychology, so when she gave a TedX talk recently, I was all ears.

And at the end of the 11-minute speech, Cam leaves the crowd at the University of Nevada with this conclusion: life is hard, but music can help.

She backs it up with some stories from her own childhood, and some findings from recent studies about all the good music can do.

"My obsession with this inner world is very related to music," Cam admits from the stage. "Music is the original human tool to help soothe our soul. And something that universal must help humans survive.

"Music has developed separate from language. Music unifies us. Music soothes that uncomfortable feeling so we can adjust and evolve."

Touching on her debut hit "Burning House," Cam says that she believes she is a good person, but that she did treat someone she loved very poorly in the past.

"In writing that song, I got to acknowledge and accept the fact that I can be a good person now," she said, "and still can't fix what I did back then."

Music is not just the background at a shopping mall, Cam explains, but rather a tool to help us heal ourselves and soothe our souls.

"Music carries the burden of our heart break, it allows us to process grief, it reminds us that good things are coming, and it lets us know we are not struggling alone.

"So let music do its job," she said.

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