Carrie Underwood Says She's "Farm People"

Singer Sees Herself in Wide Open Spaces

What is it about country singers and their land? I guess if you’re Carrie Underwood and grew up on a farm, it makes sense you’d want to get back to those rural roots.

And in the new issue of Nashville Lifestyles magazine, Underwood admits it’s her plan for the future.

“We’re both farm people,” she said about her life with her husband Mike Fisher. “We both like a lot of space, and my husband’s very at home on a tractor.”

I remember when Underwood auditioned on American Idol 10 years ago, she was open about her farming background. (At the time, Ryan Seacrest had dubbed her the Far Away Farm Girl.)

“Life on the farm’s pretty simple,” she said on the show. “Whenever my dad needs help in the morning, I’ll get up real early and help him go feed the cows.”

Then she admitted, “I have the ability to cluck like a chicken.”

Anyway, it sounds like she pictures the next chapter of her life -- with Fisher and their soon-to-be-born baby boy -- somewhere on their property in Williamson Country south of Nashville.

“I cannot wait to be out there and have lots of animals and our own little farm,” she told the magazine.

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