Jana Kramer Opens Up About "The Boy"

Current Single Just as Powerful as First Love

In two weeks, Jana Kramer will marry a man. But long before there was the man, there was the boy.

And just like she sings in her nostalgic -- and very solidly country -- “I Got the Boy,” her high school boyfriend Matt made an indelible mark on her life.

I had the chance to ask Kramer how true some of her lyrics were when her Next Women of Country tour came through Chicago on Friday night(May 8).

So we broke down the song -- line by line -- about how much she treasures her first love, even though someone else is marrying him.

I got the first kiss/She’ll get the last.

“Our first kiss was in my red Alero, sitting in his driveway,” Kramer explained.

She's got the future/And I got the past.

“I have all the old notes and letters. And I have the old pictures of him playing soccer and ones of me with his No. 2 painted on my cheek."

I got the class ring/She got the diamond and wedding band.

“I never got his class ring, but I do still have a ring he gave me for our anniversary. There are six cubic zirconia diamonds on it. I wore it all through high school. We dated for three years, so I have it on in all the pictures of us.”

I got the boy/And she got the man.

“Matt -- ‘the boy’ -- married the girl he left me for, and now they have two kids. But we still keep in touch. The funny thing is, the second I heard this song, I sent it to him. Even my mom sent it to her high school sweetheart.”

Kramer and I talked about why this song is so powerful and agreed that it’s because your first love is so powerful.

“Matt was all of my firsts, and those memories just stay with you. After we broke up, and I had moved to L.A., I was still in love with him,” she told me of the post-high school years. “So this is an honest and true song. This is real storytelling.”

What does her fiancé, NFL tight end Michael Caussin, think of Kramer’s trip down memory lane?

“Michael knows, and he has a high school sweetheart, too,” she said. “So he totally understands.”

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