Hank Jr.'s Tear-Filled Eyes

Hank Williams Jr. regarded his friend Waylon Jennings with "awe," and that awe, once upon a time, inspired a song, "Eyes of Waylon," featured on the 1995 album, Hog Wild: "Yes I looked in the eyes of Waylon/There I learned things I'd better know/And if I doubted there is a hillbilly heaven/The eyes of Waylon just told me so." Hank Jr. wrote the song on the first leg of an airplane flight. Boarding a connecting flight, he ran into Waylon and wife Jessi Colter. "We got to sit together and shoot the breeze -- and I had a chance to show him the song I had just written that day," Hank Jr. said Thursday. "I know he wouldn't care me tellin' he had tears in his eyes that day -- especially not today when we've all got 'em." 02/14/02

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