Justin Moore's Littlest Co-Writer

Daughter Says "I'm Gonna Write a Song"

A few weeks ago, Justin Moore posted a photo on Twitter of him playing guitar in his daughter Ella’s bedroom.

“Random, but this is my favorite way to play music,” he wrote. “In my daughter's bedroom. Me playing. Her singing.”

So when I had the chance, I told him I wanted to know everything about that special gig in Arkansas.

Moore told me that when he plays live like that, it isn't lullabies or country songs. It’s mostly gospel songs that his daughter already knows by heart. “Jesus Loves Me” is one of the most popular ones he does.

But then he added that lately, Ella, 5, has been testing out some original material.

“We’ve gotten into this new thing where Ella will say, ‘Play something, and I’m gonna write a song.’ I’ll start playing some kind of groove and she’ll just make up something on the spot. One song was called ‘Toenails,’ and another one was about loving her sister,” he said.

And how’s she sound?

“She’s got a really, really good voice,” Moore said. “It’s scary good.”

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