CMT Premiere: Anne Wilson Hopes "Rain In The Rearview" Brings Hope and Peace

Anne Wilson is one of CMT's 2024 Next Women of Country.

UMG recording artist Anne Wilson grew up wanting to be an astronaut, but her dreams changed when her older brother died unexpectedly in 2017.

"Everything in my life shifted, and I now know what I want to live for while I'm here," said Wilson, who started her career in Christian music. When you go through something hard, you realize what's important in life, and for me, that was sharing my faith with the world."

That was seven years ago, and today, Wilson is debuting her music video for "Rain in the Rearview," which is a song also inspired by the loss of her brother. Wilson, who is one of CMT's 2024 Next Women of Country, wrote the song with Matthew West, Zach Kale and Jaren Johnston. Her sister, Elizabeth, is also in the video as her double.

"People have always said we look like twins, so it was a blast finally getting to pretend like we are!" Wilson said. "My sister is my stylist and best friend so having her a part of this was truly an honor."

Wilson worked with director TK McKamy on the clip and said he did an "amazing job" using the video to bring the song to life.

"This was actually my third time working with TK on a video (he also did 'Seventh of June' and 'Mamas'), and he always leaves me in awe of his talent," Wilson said. "The three versions of me, and the perspectives of all three, were so accurate to how my life has been. We all go through different seasons and sometimes need the reminder that we can leave our past behind us."

The singer remembers how cold she was when filming the scenes in the rain. She couldn't stop shivering and questioned if the scene was worth the agony. But she cried when she watched it for the first time.

"It felt so special, and I was genuinely just blown away," Wilson said. "I'm really proud of what we created."

She hopes people feel joy after watching the video.

"I pray that this message brings you hope and peace as you come to terms with leaving your past behind you and stepping into what's next," she said.

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