Grammy Church: Obviously, the Best Name for Eric Church's Baby

What to Expect If His Child Is Born on Feb. 8

This is what is on Eric Church’s mind regarding his performance on the upcoming Grammys: childbirth.

"I told my wife, 'If you can just make it till the day after the Grammys, we're good for whatever happens after that.' So, it's gonna be close,” Church told ABC News Radio about the live broadcast of the Grammy Awards on Feb. 8, which is close to his wife Katherine’s due date with their second son.

So if little boy Church arrives the day after the Grammys, great. But what if that baby is born during the Grammys?

Should they name him Grammy Church?

The baby’s dad is up for four Grammys in the country category -- album of the year for The Outsiders, song of the year and country solo performance of the year for “Give Me Back My Hometown” and group/duo performance of the year for “Raise ‘Em Up” with Keith Urban.

But no matter when the baby gets here and what they name him, I’m sure big brother Boone is going to be thrilled to have someone to play superheroes with.

Church told me a couple of months ago he wishes he could hit “pause” sometimes and have Boone stay right where he is.

“And just care about nothing but Spiderman,” he said.

When the new baby is old enough to hit to road with his family, everyone will be ready.

"(Boone’s) favorite thing in the whole world is to get on the tour bus, which is scary for a guy who does that for a living," Church told ABC. “He likes to run around the arena. To be able to have the family out there, it also adds to the professional side. Just helps me feel like when I walk on that stage, I'm not missing another aspect of my life."

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