CMT Premiere: Jimmy Buffett's "Bubbles Up" Brings Encouragement With A Dose Of Nostalgia In New Video

Jimmy Buffett's team said: "If you loved Jimmy, it's impossible not to completely lose it. He is missed beyond measure."

Jimmy Buffett passed away in September, but he left behind a final gift to fans – the hopeful, encouraging "Bubbles Up."

Buffett wrote the song with Will Kimbrough, and "Bubbles Up" was produced by Michael Utley and Mac McAnally.

The music video for the encouraging, emotional "Bubbles Up" debuts today and was produced by Stan Kellam, who co-directed it with Jeremy Clevenger.

Lyrics include:  So, when the journey gets long / Just know that you are loved / There is light up above / And the joy is always enough / Bubbles up, he sings sweetly in the chorus.

Buffett's team explained the video features, "Jimmy and what he loved doing. From performance footage in the 70s to more recent days, being on and in the water, playing for fans, flying, each frame holds wonderful memories of a well-lived life. The opening shot is Jimmy filming himself jumping into the water."

"Bubbles Up" is from Buffett's posthumous album, "Equal Strain On All Parts," which will be available Friday.

"It's hard to imagine a world without Jimmy Buffett," co-writer Will Kimbrough said onstage at the 2023 Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame gala, where he was honored. "But here we are."

The video includes footage of Buffett enjoying life, in the water, performing, with friends and doing what he loved to do.

"It brings a smile," his team commented. "Jimmy was joy."

Buffett's team hopes fans are comforted to see the singer and hear his loving, supportive message.

"Just know you are loved, there's light up above, and the joy is always enough on the road ahead," they said." If you loved Jimmy, it's impossible not to completely lose it. He is missed beyond measure."

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