HARDY Talks Joe Diffie Project With Morgan Wallen and Post Malone

HARDY: "It's going to be badass."

HARDY is known for his collaborative mixtape HIXTAPE series but for the third volume, he's going in a whole different direction – Joe Diffie.

Although Diffie died from complications of coronavirus in 2020, HARDY and his friends – Morgan Wallen and Post Malone – are breathing new life into some of Diffie's biggest hits. Two songs are available now: "Pickup Man" featuring Diffie and Post Malone and "John Deere Green" featuring Diffie, HARDY and Wallen). The songs are from HARDY's forthcoming "HIXTAPE Vol. 3: DIFFTAPE," which will be available March 29.

HARDY said it's happening "by the grace of God" and Joe Diffie's Estate.

HARDY obtained a selection of Diffie's master recordings, took some of Diffie's vocals from the songs and combined them with some of today's biggest stars.

"It's going to be badass," HARDY said. "I'm really excited about it."

"DIFFTAPE" will use 2006 master recordings of Diffie's greatest hits collection along with new vocals from HARDY's collaborators.

"The Diffie Estate is thrilled to partner with Big Loud and HARDY in preserving and revitalizing Joe Diffie's musical legacy," the Estate shared in a statement. "With their shared excitement and passion, this collaboration promises to carry on the incredible journey of a true legend."

HARDY said he is "super excited" about the "one-of-a-kind project" and that he is the first person to attempt something like it.

"Joe epitomized the '90s country voice – he was so good about hearing and cutting hits, recording amazing songs," HARDY continued. "On a personal level, I only got to meet Joe once, but he was extremely nice to me, and this was in my first year of being an artist when I was an absolute nobody. He was so, so kind to me, and that memory I have of him is truly special to me, too."

HIXTAPE Vol. 3: DIFFTAPE (Small Batch) Track List

"Pickup Man (feat. Joe Diffie & Post Malone)" (Howard Perdew, Kerry Kurt Phillips)

"John Deere Green (feat. Joe Diffie, HARDY & Morgan Wallen)" (Dennis Linde)

Produced by Joey Moi.

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