CMT Premiere: Katie Linendoll Is No Dummy in "Renaissance Lady"

Emmy-winning TV personality Katie Linendoll co-stars with mannequins in her new music video.

If Katie Linendoll looks familiar, it’s likely because she’s an Emmy-award-winning TV personality best known for appearing on Rachael Ray's show, The Weather Channel and CBS Sports Radio, where she introduces new technologies.

However, Linendoll is dipping her toe into country music with her new song and video, “Renaissance Lady,” that debuted on CMT today.

The song, which Linendoll wrote, celebrates being an independent woman. The video puts a lighthearted and highly creative spin on the concept. Director Seth Kupersmith incorporated mannequins in place of male actors and dressed them as different characters to fit the lyrics in “Renaissance Lady.”

“After I sent Seth the song, I couldn’t wait to hear what he had come up with as a vision,” Linendoll says. “I had my ideas, but I am big on letting experts do their thing. While he was sharing his vision for the song, I couldn’t wait to hear who my love interests would be played by – only to discover they were literal mannequins. I thought this was so random and hilarious, and I was so in.”

Linendoll says her favorite memory from the video shoot is working with her friend and make-up artist of seven years, Alicia Oliveri, on each of the clip’s multiple looks.

“This video had so many stories in it to tell and so many different outfits and hairstyles,” she says of the 10-hour shoot. “Watching Alicia bring mood boards to life was so fun - and I am so appreciative of her eye and art! I love celebrating my friends and their talents! We all breathed a total sigh when we got it done and stayed up till 3 a.m. talking about Jesus and eating cake.”

She showed the video to her mother as soon as she had a copy. When her mother laughed, she said she knew she liked it, and that “means the most.” Linendoll hopes the music video makes people smile and that her fans enjoy the “little peek into my world.”

“Like the lyrics of the song, I truly feel we are at such an incredible time – the new roarin’ 20s!” Linendoll says. “What a time to be a modern independent woman! I hope for anyone watching this, it makes them smile, and for any renaissance ladies out there, I hope it makes them realize that something they may have been searching for they had all along! With all my music, I hope to share a positive and inspirational message.”

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