Ingrid Andress Pegs Rihanna Best Anti-Valentine's Day Singer

Ingrid Andress loves love - she's just confused by how people celebrate it.

Ingrid Andress isn’t in love with Valentine’s Day – and you definitely shouldn’t ask her to make your playlist.

“Here’s the problem,” Andress said. “I listen to a lot of sad stuff. So I feel like … Taylor Swift writes some pretty good love songs. Most of hers are like, ‘I’m angry at you.’ But the ones of hers that are happy … what’s happy? This is terrible. I can think of all the anti-ones and no pro-Valentine’s Day songs. This definitely tells you a lot about me.”

Want anti-Valentine’s Day songs? She’s got you covered – and she isn’t talking about “Wishful Drinking,” her new duet with Sam Hunt.

“Any song by Rihanna because she’s just poetic and beautiful, and I feel like she yells at people a lot,” Andress said. “Is ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ an anti-Valentine’s Day song? Because that would probably be one of my favorites, for sure.”

It’s not that Andress doesn’t love love – she just thinks people should celebrate their loved ones all year long.

“My dad always used to say, ‘Every day is Valentine’s Day,” Andress said. “I always used to roll my eyes and say, ‘No, it’s not.’ I enjoy any focus on love because I feel like that’s the one thing we all strive for in our lives. That’s the one common thing, so I like celebrating that. The ways in which people do it are still confusing to me. Like, why do you only get flowers for someone on Valentine’s Day?”

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