Luke Combs Teases Firstborn Son's Name And Gives Update On Wife's Pregnancy

Luke Combs is crossing his fingers for a "healthy" baby boy and reveals what he is going to teach him one day.

Country music star Luke Combs has his firstborn son's name locked up, and he threw away the key.

Before Combs performed at the Tortuga Music Festival in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on Sunday, April 10, he sat down with Audacy's Rob + Holly to discuss baby names and to play a rapid-fire game of "Truth or Uke."

The hitmaker and his wife Nicole Hocking are expecting their first child together this spring, but they are keeping the baby's name under wraps. During the quick game beachside – Combs was encouraged to pick a question out of a cowboy hat, and he had the option to answer honestly or play the ukulele.

The two radio personalities only included baby-centric questions, hoping the "Forever After All" singer would reveal the highly anticipated name. Combs was unaware of their secretive plan and reached into the hat to take a shot at the first question.

"What does Nicole want the baby's name to be?" the father-to-be read aloud.

With an uncomfortable laugh, he kept his lips sealed and played the instrument. The second question asked Combs' to disclose what the baby's name rhymes with. Instead of picking up the ukulele, he gave fans a subtle hint.

"There's a shortlist," he said before teasing Rob and Holly. "It rhymes with orange. It rhymes with purple."

Jokes aside, the multi-platinum artist confirmed that he is not picky about the name and simply hopes for a "healthy" baby boy.

"If a damn alligator can come out, it wouldn't matter to me as long as it's healthy…I would teach him to sing, teach him how to eat a cheeseburger, [and] I could afford a good coach," he uttered to the outlet. "I have been [plotting] the takeover of the Nashville little league in the next five years — finding the best kids, building this unstoppable little league team," he told Kiss Country 99.9 TC & Dina B.

The chart-topping artist also mentioned that Nicole has been handling her pregnancy well.

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"She hasn't been doing anything out of the norm. It's been kind of surprising, and everyone's like, 'Aw buddy, you just wait.' It just never happened, in the best way," he added.

He continued to share that several friends and family have been warning him about the pregnancy journey and parenthood.

"Everyone wants you to have some awful experience that they had, and they're like, 'You just wait until she wakes you up and wants a biscuit at 2:00 in the morning.' I want a biscuit early in the morning," he said while laughing.

While Combs gears up to become a father, he is also preparing to release his third studio album on June 24. The tracklist will include – "The Kind Of Love We Make," "Five Leaf Clover," "Growin' Up and Getting' Old," Tomorrow Me," and more.

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