Brett Eldredge Diagnosed with COVID-19, Says It "Really Sucks"

Brett Eldredge cancels weekend Christmas concerts due to COVID-19 diagnosis.

All Brett Eldredge wants for Christmas is a clean bill of health.

Country music's unofficial Christmas ambassador shared on social media Thursday that he had to cancel his weekend shows in Chicago because he just tested positive for COVID-19.

"Today has been a really rough day," Eldredge said.

The singer explained he'd been feeling like he had a cold the last few days. Eldredge had been tested for COVID-19 recently, and the test was negative. But today, just before he went to the airport to fly to Chicago to play his "favorite show of the entire year, the Glow Show in Chicago," he got tested one more time.

"Unfortunately, it turns out I have COVID, which really sucks," Eldredge said. "I've been so excited about playing this show, and I know a lot of you have been so excited to go to it."

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Eldredge's weekend shows have been rescheduled for Dec. 29 - 30.

"I promise you it's going to be one of the best shows you've seen," Eldredge said. "I'm going to try and heal up."

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