CMT PREMIERE: Brian Callihan's "Broke It Down" Soothes Broken Hearts

"Everyone has been broken down at one point in their life, so [my song is] really relatable," Callihan says

Rural Georgia native Brian Callihan's video for his latest single, "Broke It Down," was a fun shoot done on the hottest day of 2021's summer, he recalls to CMT. However, when thinking about the video's final product wherein he portrays a young lover whose broken-down truck is a metaphor for his broken-up relationship, he notes "the video does a good job of bringing the lyrics of the song to life. It paints a good visual image of the heartache and emotion that we had in mind when we wrote the song."

High expectations for this single mirror those he has for other tracks he's written for Cole Swindell and Dylan Scott. Regarding "Broke It Down"'s writing process, he noted in a Music Update Central interview "I had a melody for the song that I brought into the write that day. We were sitting there tossing around hooks and ideas when 'Broke It Down' came about. The song pretty much wrote itself once we got started. Everyone has been broken down at one point in their life, so it’s really relatable."

Callihan continues, "Almost everyone has felt broken down when a relationship ends or when their heart gets broken. And that's exactly what this song is about. It is very relatable because everyone has gone through it. So I think that's why it special, everyone can relate to a moment in their life when they have felt broke down. The good news is that it always gets better!"


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