Kenny Chesney Mourns Death of His Beloved Dog Who Inspired "Da Ruba Girl"

Kenny Chesney said his rescue dog was honest, authentic and lived her life never holding anything against anyone.

Kenny Chesney is mourning the loss of his beloved rescue dog Da Ruba Girl.

Chesney shared his grief on social media over the weekend with a sweet, candid shot of “Ruby” and the story of how she loved unconditionally and came into his life.

“Today we lost Da Ruba Girl,” Chesney wrote alongside a photo of the terrier. “Ruby lived her life never holding anything against anybody. She had an ancient, calming soul. She was honest and authentic, she was a protector, she took a warrior’s path in the journey of her life.”

Chesney said that Ruby loved the sun and how it felt on her face. He pointed out they had that in common.

“Today I know Ruby is sitting somewhere with the sun on her face happy and grateful to have slipped her skin and body that was full of cancer,” Chesney continued. “I know she is happy to have had Poncho in her life. They were partners in crime and never spent a day apart. But she is forever grateful that Mary saved her from the shelter. But really they ended up saving each other.”

Mary is Chesney’s longtime partner that he seldom mentions in public, and Poncho is his Goldendoodle.

“I’m going to miss her, especially in the mornings,” Chesney continued. “That’s when she and I really connected. So bye-bye, Ruby. You were a very good girl. We loved you, and thank you for teaching us how to love unconditionally. You were one heaven of a dog. “She’ll be known all over the world… as Da Ruba Girl.”

The last line references a song Chesney wrote for Ruby called “Da Ruba Girl.”

Lyrics include: You needed her, she needed you| To hold, to help fill a space|Last in line, last cage at the rescue| Was a love that no one could replace| Lying there like a lost string of pearls|Was Da Ruba Girl

Monday morning, Chesney posted an adorable video of the pair’s morning routine. Ruby sat on top of him and covered his face in kisses while he laughed.

“My morning ritual with Da Ruba Girl,” Chesney wrote.

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