CMT Premiere: LeAnn Rimes Debuts "spaceship" video, a collaboration with husband Eddie Cibrian

“spaceship” is from LeAnn Rimes' new album “god's work” that is out now.

LeAnn Rimes teamed with her actor husband Eddie Cibrian to film the sparse, intimate and picturesque new video for her song “spaceship” from her new album “god's work” that is out now.

Rimes wrote and produced “spaceship” with frequent collaborator Darrell Brown and co-produced the video with Cibrian and Brown. Cibrian directed the video and edited it alongside Julian Andraus. Tonia Wallander served as digital editor.

“It was such a special moment to have my husband capture the essence of my soul in this video,” Rimes said. “Seeing as it was just the two of us, out in the middle of nature, really allowed me to expose my most primal, emotional self. He has an incredible eye and knows me so well.”

Rimes said the couple was on their way back from an RV trip and pulled over in the Alabama Hills, which is a mountainous desert, for the night. The sun was setting, the light was perfect, and Cibrian told Rimes to go grab a blanket because he wanted to try something.

“So, with no clothes, no makeup or hair, just completely bare, and through a lot of tears and laughter, we shot four takes of the song,” Rimes said. “That’s the video! I don’t think I’ve ever had a more raw, pure experience captured on film.”

She believes the vulnerability captured in the video speaks to her emotional connection to the song and the intention in which it was written.

“The expansive background in which we filmed speaks to the loneliness and smallness we can feel in this human experience and the juxtaposition of the vastness of the universe,” she said. “I’ve still yet to watch it without crying, I’m not sure that will change anytime soon.”

Rimes hopes viewers feel “all the feels” when they see the video.

“I hope, most importantly, they feel a connection with me and my inner world, my vast emotional landscape, which is really a reflection of their own,” she said.

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