See Pics: Jake Owen's Business Vandalized, He's Offering a Reward for Info

Jake Owen is offering $5,000 for information.

Jake Owen turned to social media this morning for help finding the man who defaced his Good Company Entertainment headquarters last night. He’s offering a $5,000 reward.

Owen said someone vandalized their building in the Charlotte Pike/46th Street area of Nashville “for no reason other than he’s a punk.

“I have all the video footage and even a silly little drawing on our wall that came from his small, little, non-creative peanut-sized brain,” Owen said.

The “Made For You” singer posted a photo of the guy he suspects is guilty in the next frame and said he would “personally pay” the reward for information about the incident and for help identifying the man.

Owen’s new song “Best Thing Since Backroads” is out now.

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