Carly Pearce Talks Fan Interaction That Left Her Feeling Empowered

Carly Pearce reveals the inspiration behind her meaningful tattoos – check it out!

Carly Pearce may not be the most tatted country star in the genre, but she is secretly inked with nearly a dozen meaningful messages. Pearce understands first-hand the significance a tattoo could hold. The "What He Didn't Do" singer recently caught up with Big Machine Label Group to reminisce on a specific moment when she recognized the weight of her words and the power of music.

The hitmaker told BMLG that she was once approached by a fan who had a verse from her single "It Won't Always Be Like This" marked on his body. Pearce penned the mid-tempo track with critically acclaimed songwriters Natalie Hemby and Sam Ellis for her 2020 self-titled sophomore album. The heavy lyrics within "It Won't Always Be Like This" serve as a message to her younger self.

Pearce said that the devoted listener pulled a snippet from the second stanza, where she calls out her 22-year-old self for playing the comparison game while chasing her country music dream in Nashville.

"I know nothing lasts forever but sometimes I still forget | It won't always be like this | I remember hearing the door slam | 22 didn't have a clue who I was, who I could trust and who were my real friends | I had big wings but didn't have a sky | Just a front row view of everybody flying high | Waiting for my time, wish I could've told myself back then," Pearce sings placing her airy vocals on display.

The country fanatic opened up to Pearce and decided to use her lyrics after overcoming his battle with addiction.

"That was crazy," she recalled to the label. "For him to be vulnerable enough to tell his story of addiction and that he overcame that, it's powerful."

The unexpected meet-and-greet encounter struck a sentimental chord within Pearce and made her realize her true superpower as an artist.

"To see that, it was really amazing, and it just shows me the power of music, and we can change lives with lyrics," the songstress explained.

While the fan left Pearce with a new profound appreciation for her craft, she previously declared that she also has her song lyrics tatted on her body. In August of 2018, the trailblazer had the name of her debut record, "Every Little Thing" inked on her right forearm.

"Every Little Thing – the song that changed everything about my life," she wrote on Instagram showcasing the black-inked tat. "The song that changed everything about my life. Sometimes heartbreak and hard times can show you the light. Those moments you can't breathe because you're so heartbroken? They will pass, you will grow & be stronger and better for them. I'll forever be reminded of 2017, the year that changed my life. Thankful for ALL the twists and turns that brought me to the happiest time of my life.❤️ Now I have a permanent reminder," she added.

Pearce also has five other tattoos, including a feather on her left arm. The feather symbolizes her grandfather, while the butterfly on her wrist represents her grandmother. On the inside of her right wrist, Pearce received an outline of her home state of Kentucky.

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA - FEBRUARY 21: Carly Pearce performs at the Texas Club as part of the 'The Way Back Tour' on February 21, 2019 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (Photo by Josh Brasted/Getty Images for Russell Dickerson)

"I'm so proud of where I came from. I have the state of Kentucky tattooed on my wrist, and my album is dedicated to my grandparents," she told ABC WCPO. "The older you get, the more you identify with the place where you're from. And maybe you took it for granted, maybe you moved away like I did. Again, the ladies I really idolize –Dolly Parton, for instance ­– I want to do what she did for Sevierville, Tennessee, or what Carrie did for Oklahoma. I want to represent Kentucky the same way. I wouldn't be the artist I am without being where I'm from. I kind of want to take people home with me."

If concert-goers look closely at her left wrist during a performance, they will recognize a common quote by bestselling author R.S. Grey – "She believed she could, so she did." Pearce's most recent addition to her vast array of ink marks is a Wildflower on her right forearm. The chart-topping artist got the tattoo after filing for divorce from ex-husband Michael Ray in 2020.

Pearce is currently opening on the Here And Now Tour. The must-see show will run until August of 2022. Tickets to see the star-studded lineup are available for purchase.

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