WATCH: Brett Eldredge Delivers Emotional Cover of “I Hope You Dance”

Brett Eldredge is on the hunt for a savvy content creator to run his personal TikTok account – see how to apply.

With his deep soulful sound, Brett Eldredge always finds a way to tug at heartstrings. The country crooner recently (July 10) took to TikTok to share a chilling cover of Lee Ann Womack’s smash hit, “I Hope You Dance.”

With an acoustic guitar gently placed on his knee and his eyes tightly glued shut, fans witness Eldredge get lost in the lyrics. While picking at the strings, he filmed himself delivering the moving melody that showcases his silky smooth pipes and impressive vocal control.

“I hope you never lose your sense of wonder | You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger | May you never take one single breath for granted | God forbid love ever leave you empty-handed,” he sings the poignant verses in a whisper. “I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean | Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens | Promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance | And when you get the chance to sit it out or dance.”

The chart-topping artist said that the single penned by seasoned songsmiths Mark D. Sanders and Tia Sillers, allows him to get in touch with his internal emotions. Eldredge also pointed out that “I Hope You Dance” includes some of his “favorite” lyrics to date.

“This song always makes me 😭,” Eldredge wrote alongside the video. “One of my favorite lyrics ever,” he added.

In a short amount of time, the jaw-dropping rendition raked in 179.2K views and 23.5K likes on TikTok alone. Eldredge’s take on the country-pop classic caught the attention of Womack, and she even gave him a nod of approval in the comments.

“Love it!” said the award-winning artist. “I’m so glad! Love to sing it 😃” Eldredge fired back with enthusiasm.

I Hope You Dance,” which features Sons of the Desert, became the title track of Womack’s 12-song collection in the early 2000s. The single that encourages individuals to live life to the fullest, was an instant success upon release. The timeless message peaked at No.1 on both the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart and the Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks chart. The mid-tempo melody also received several prestigious accolades from a 2002 CMA Award for Single of the Year, ACM Award, and even a GRAMMY for Best Country Song. “I Hope You Dance” brought Womack’s career to new heights and became her best overall record to date.

“It made me think about my daughters and the different times in their lives….But it can be so many things to different people,” Womack shared with Billboard. “Certainly, it can represent everything a parent hopes for their child, but it can also be for a relationship that’s ending as a fond wish for the other person’s happiness or for someone graduating, having a baby, or embarking on a new path. It fits almost every circumstance I can think of.”

“I Hope You Dance” is not the only song Eldredge has tackled on TikTok, as he took a shot at Blackstreet’s 1996 single “No Diggity,” Toto’s “Africa,” and more. Now, the Chicago native is looking to elevate his social media game and is seeking a content creator who could document must-see moments on his Songs About You Tour.

“Okay, attention, all TikTok creators, I need your help,” said Eldredge while pointing at the camera. “Are you a pro at TikTok, Like I’m not? Well, I need your help to make this stuff happen. I can make the music, and you can capture the stuff. Come on the road. It’s really a lot of fun out there. We play dodgeball, we go on hikes, then backstage we have dance parties and all this stuff.”

He continued to stress that he needs a savvy individual to “capture” his life.

“I need somebody to capture what life is like out there, and I just want to do my thing,” the megastar explained. “So, stich a video and show me your skills. Make it creative, do whatever you want. If you wanna come join, maybe we can figure that out. Okay, get to work!” he challenged his followers.

As applications begin to roll in, the singer-songwriter will continue to hit legendary venues on his nationwide trek to promote his recently released album, “Songs About You.” Tickets are available for purchase, here.

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