Last Weekend's Greatest Hits

The Best Tweets You Might Have Missed

Last weekend was a big one.

There was one Mother's Day, a few graduations and a lot of proms. So you may not have had any free time to check in with all the country artists. Here's what they were up to. Toby Keith went golfing with Jake Owen and John Daly, Maren Morris drank like a local down in Florida, Justin Moore shared a love letter to his wife, Carrie Underwood posted an unglamorous picture, Tim McGraw had high praise for both his wife and his mother, Holly Williams and husband Chris Coleman welcomed their third child -- a baby boy -- on Saturday (May 13), Thomas Rhett shared a picture of his new daughter in the garden, Jason Aldean was sporting a brand new ring (courtesy of the Chicago Cubs), Brett Eldredge -- looking fine as hell in a tuxedo -- sang a song for his mom, and Brad Paisley posted a picture of his mom and his wife, calling them the best and second best.

Toby Keith: "Hittin' the links with @jakeowenofficial and @pga_johndaly."

Maren Morris: "Getting into the Key West spirit!"

Justin Moore: "Specifically to my wife, kate..."

Carrie Underwood: "Such an awful picture of both of us, but I love it! I love it because it's real life! It's not shot in any studio...we're not all gussied up in our Sunday best...heck, we couldn't even manage to fully open our is silly and messy and beautifully imperfect. And it all started with this woman! Thanks, Mom, for being my best friend! I love all our moments together...picture perfect and otherwise! I love you!"

Holly Williams: "Yesterday morning after our pancake family outing I frantically called @mandyjohnsonphoto to come save the day and take a few shots in my dining room with the girlies and I before we headed to the hospital. What an amazingly talented friend/successful photographer she is!!!! So happy to have captured this moment with my babies before Chris and I anxiously, excitedly, nerve-wrackingly welcomed our beautiful baby BOY into our hearts forever and ever."

Tim McGraw: She gives her time, she gives her energy, she gives her heart, she gives her love.....unselfishly These are great women #HappyMothersDay

Thomas Rhett: "Babe.... I love you so much and happy 1st Mother's Day. You already are a rock star at being a mom. You + me+ Willa"

Jason Aldean: "Lets celebrate tonight Chicago!!! @cubs #worldchamps"

Brett Eldredge: "A backstage song for Mama...I love ya mom...@BoyzIIMen"

Brad Paisley: "Happy Mother's Day to the best and also 2nd best mom I know. Which is which? Depends on who's reading this."

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