Only Half a Song In and We're Hooked on Jake Owen's Tune About What's Next

We Beg of You, Jake, Finish This Song About the Things We Take for Granted

Jake Owen has kind of sort of started a new song -- and shared a sneak peek of it on his Instagram story -- and we cannot get enough. So we're just going to sit here and listen to the first minute and a half of the tune over and over and over again until he can find the time to finish it.

We do not know where the next verse will take us, or how the story will end, but what we do know that it takes a special kind of talent to sit down and write some lyrics, play the piano, and record a song what could potentially cure our coronavirus quarantine blues.

Because it's about big-picture optimism. What life's going to look like on the other side of it, when all of our perspectives have shifted. And not just the physical differences of Life After COVID-19, like when we're allowed to take off our masks, get a vaccine and go back to our old normal. At its core, this message is about the change of heart we're all likely to have when the worst is behind us and everything looks better on the other side.

There isn't even really a title yet, so for now let's call the song "All the Things I Take for Granted".

Owen's lyrics so far:

Writing down these lines it just occurred to me

I get to sing my songs, I get to live my dreams

I'm missing the boys, the band, the fans out on the road

When we fire it all back up, it's gonna be one hell of a show

Yeah I guess that I been caught up in this crazy grind

Taking things for granted in this crazy life

Like Joe Diffie on the radio

Windows down, an old dirt road

Sittin' in church on Sundays

Those margarita Mondays

Hanging with the boys out on the lake

Where the good times go for goodness sake

Now I'm thanking God for second chances

And the things I take for granted

Until later on on Thursday night (July 2), you can hear Owen's simple start of what could be one of his best songs yet here.

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