What Luke Bryan's Sons Will Think of "Dad Behind the Case"

Showing Bo and Tate the Country Music Hall of Fame Exhibit

Luke Bryan will be featured in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum’s next major exhibit, and it sounds like he’s most excited about seeing how his sons react to seeing him on display.

“My kids are. I think, just starting to understand what dad does,” Bryan said during Wednesday’s (Jan. 21) press conference at the museum in downtown Nashville. “And to be able to take your 6-year-old and your 4-year-old and show them an exhibit is so unbelievably cool and amazing. I’m interested to see the look on their faces. I’m sure they’ll have some interesting things to say about dad behind the case.”

(Bryan should have Bo and Tate listen to Jerry Jeff Walker’s “She Knows Her Daddy Sings,” a song he wrote for his daughter when she was about 4 years old and he was touring constantly.)

Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert have been featured in the museum’s contemporary exhibit series. However, because Bryan will be the first male artist honored, he said he will have to work on his wardrobe.

“Most of my jeans for stage, they turn into like some hunting jeans. So I’ll have to go out to my cabin and get my old jeans out,” Bryan said about the day that the museum’s curators descend on him.

During the press conference, Bryan went on to talk about what an honor this exhibit is and one that he dreamed about when he first moved to Nashville.

"It is something that just five or six years ago, I walked Broadway, and I walked these bars and these streets dreaming of being in this situation one day,” he said. “I remember driving into town seeing Carrie (Underwood), seeing her ad on the billboards and going, ‘Man, I wonder if that could ever happen to me.’"

Bryan said he plans on taking the exhibition very seriously.

“Making it tell the story -- tell how you move up to Nashville chasin’ dreams, meet some songwriters, meet some wonderful record people,” he said. “And here you have it. You’re off and rocking on your country music path, and all your dreams are coming true. We’re excited to tell that story.”

The exhibit opens in May.

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