'The Dude Perfect Show': Alternate Career Choices

The Options Are Endless

Let's face it. The Dude Perfect guys have pretty much the most amazing job in the world. They hang out with their best friends, meet celebrities and do awesome trick shots. For a living.

Considering the Dudes have 9 million YouTube subscribers and over 1.5 billion video views, they also don't have to worry too much about job security. How does it get better than that?

On the latest new episode of The Dude Perfect Show, Cody and Tyler explored a new business venture, which got us thinking: What are some alternate career choices for the Dude Perfect guys?

Let's take a few guesses:

Dried Perfect

While the twins may not have loved Tyler's line of beef jerky flavors, Cody was all about it. Maybe one day you there will be a whole grocery aisle of "Dried Perfect" jerky.

Dog Perfect

While most people found the "Dried Perfect" jerky questionable, dogs found it delectable. If the trick shots ever get old, the dudes could become celebrities in the dog food world.

Nose Perfect

When Cody had an incurable case of the sniffles, the other dudes got together and created him the ultimate snot stopper. They could always patent this attractive design and sell it to the masses.

Panda Perfect

The panda mascot is a vital part of the Dude Perfect crew. He pumps them up when they do something awesome, and consoles them when things go wrong. If the dudes ever called it quits, Panda could take his act on the road and cheer up people all across the globe.

Dale Perfect

We still can't get over how similar Dude Perfect's Garrett looks to NASCAR's Dale Earnhardt, Jr. If the dudes ever went on hiatus, we bet Garrett could make a career out of being a Dale impersonator.

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