'Hunger Games' Star/Country Singer Alexander Ludwig and Wife Share Devastating Fertility Struggle

Alexander Ludwig fully supports his wife and wrote that her "strength astounds me every time."

"Hunger Games" star turned country singer Alexander Ludwig recently revealed he and his wife Lauren are struggling to start a family.

Ludwig shared his wife's social media post that detailed how the couple had just suffered their third miscarriage.

"I decided I wanted to share because I don't think it's a shameful thing to talk about," Lauren wrote. "I want to help others realize how common miscarriages are and how they aren't something to be embarrassed about. Going through this has made me realize, I definitely am not alone. It's so common and yet, I feel it's not talked about nearly enough. If more of us talked about these things, maybe we would feel less alone and at fault. Information is power and I want to start sharing more of it."

Ludwig fully supported his wife and wrote that her "strength astounds me every time."

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"I love you @laurendludwig and your resilience through this just is one more of the countless reasons I love you," he wrote. "All the bumps life throws our way, we got this ❤️ and for anyone else, you're not alone. It's a hell of a lot more normal than I thought."

Lauren added: "This will forever be a part of our story. My hope by sharing this, if for no other reason, is for that one person reading this to know they are not alone ❤️"

Ludwig's artist friends quickly jumped in to offer their support.

"@alexanderludwig so sorry bro!" Jason Aldean wrote. "Britt and I went thru a similar situation. Things will happen when it's time. U guys are gonna be great parents and can't wait to meet that kid who will no doubt be a blessing. Y'all hang in there buddy. Thinkin about y'all."

Ludwig is splitting his time between acting and music at the moment. The BBR Music Group/BMG artist is currently gearing up to release his debut album "Highway 99" on August 26.

The first single, "Faded on Me," is out June 3.

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