Toby Keith Books Free Concert in Saudi Arabia

Admission Is Restricted to Only Males

Toby Keith will be in Saudi Arabia's capital city of Riyadh on Saturday (May 20) to co-headline An Arabian Lute & American Guitar concert with popular Saudi singer Rabeh Sager.

Admission to the free event is restricted to only males, and there is a formal dress code. Osama Nugali, a spokesman for the Saudi Foreign Ministry, said in the Washington Post that the event was organized by the country's General Authority for Entertainment to mark the end of exams for students.

The concert also coincides with President Donald Trump's first foreign trip to the nation as the leader of the United States. But it is unclear whether Keith's performance was booked specifically to coincide with Trump's trip, during which the president is expected to speak in support of moderate Islam.

It's also unclear how Keith's songs about drinking will be received in Saudi Arabia, a nation where alcohol is banned.

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