Granger Smith Wraps Up Filming For New Movie “Moonrise”

Granger Smith puts his songwriting expertise to the test writing the soundtrack for the upcoming film, “Moonrise.”

Granger Smith can now add feature film actor to his growing list of credits.

Director and writer Vickie Bronaugh approached him with an offer to star in her forthcoming film, Moonrise – and the singer jumped at the opportunity.

The country hitmaker took to social media on Sunday (Feb.13) to reveal he's completed filming Moonrise and spoke highly about his first-time acting experience.

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“I haven’t talked much about it, but this movie is finally finished filming,” he confirmed alongside a photo of himself and Bronaugh on-site. “I spent about a month in Blanco TX with some incredibly talented actors & crew pouring a lot of hours and a completely different side of my creative brain into this character,” he added.

He continued to reflect on the time he flipped through the pages of the script and realized that he had to take part in the moving narrative.

“It’s about a country singer who lost his wife and struggles to find purpose, redemption, forgiveness, embrace fatherhood, faith and ultimately the ability to love again,” he said while touching upon the heavy storyline. “I remember getting this script back in Nov and I read the entire thing in one sitting on the porch swing. It’s special,” he added.

The “Country Things” vocalist shared that he had to build up the courage to dip his toes within the acting world and fully trust Bronaugh’s process.

“I’ve never acted in his way, but I fell in love with the character and knew that I had to do it…or at least give it my best shot,” he said while also explaining the photograph. “In this pic is Vickie, our wonderful director and writer. She’s probably telling me like she always did, ‘You got this.’ I didn’t always believe that…but I trusted her vision,” he concluded.

Shortly after Smith opened up about his career milestone, members of the production team ran to the comments to applaud him for his hard work.

“You did an amazing job, Granger! I truly enjoyed assisting in capturing your performance. Can’t wait to see it all together. Congrats on a job well done! 👍 ,” shared the sound designer Corey McMinn. “@mcminnsound thanks Corey! I still have a red dot on my chest from the daily lav adhesive,” Smith replied.

Smith said that the movie release date is still up in the air, but he’s been “writing like crazy” for the Moonrise soundtrack.

In addition to his work on "Moonrise," Smith has plenty more to keep him busy.

Smith shared on his self-titled podcast the meaning behind “chasing happiness” and told fans on Instagram that a tour is on the horizon.

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“I know I’ve posted a lot lately from other projects I’m doing, and I love em all. But I haven’t forgotten about my first love…touring! I think about it a lot. Not just the big rush of the show, but the little moments. I miss em! And we’ll be back out soon. Where do you want me to come this year?”

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